5 Nov 2024 5 pm
Portico Library, Manchester University


11 October, 2:30 pm
Cheltenham Literary Festival

2 October 6:30 pm
Hatchards at Piccadilly
Xiaolu Guo talks to Gareth Evans about MY BATTLE OF HASTINGS
18 Aug 2024 7pm
Edinburgh Book Festival
Xiaolu Guo discusses MY BATTLE OF HASTINGS

20 July 2024 2pm
Southbank Centre
Purcell Room

Xiaolu Guo on British Identity and her new nonfiction MY BATTLE OF HASTINGS
13 April 2023
British Library, London

RADICAL, A LIFE OF MY OWN by Xiaolu Guo, book launch, Chatto & Windus


5 Jan 2023, 12-2 pm
Berlin, Freie Universität

A Life Between Words
Event at Freie Universität Berlin

30 Nov 2022
A LOVER'S DISCOURSE, Xiaolu in Conversation with Divya Ghelani
DAADGALERIE, Berlin, 30 Nov 22, 7 pm

16 November 2022
7 pm - Berlin

Special Screening '5 Men and a Caravaggio' + Q&A with Xiaolu Guo, director
Kino Central, 10178 Berlin, 16 Nov 7 pm
8th Nov 2022
Berlin Literaturhaus

Xiaolu reads and discusses EINE SPRACHE DER LIEBE at Berlin Literature House

3nd Nov 2022, 6pm
Berlin Freie Universität

Xiaolu’s public lecture at the Free University, Berlin. Title: TRANSLATING THE EAST, TRANSLATING THE SELF


21 Oct 2022
Frankfurt, Germany

Xiaolu discusses EINE SPRACHE DER LIEBE at Frankfurt Book Fair
17th Sep 2022

Xiaolu talks about ‘Journeys - of different kinds’ at Flipside Festival, Suffolk


23 Aug 2022

Xiaolu discusses A LOVER’S DISCOURSE at Edinburgh Book Festival in ‘Writing the World’ program

29 April 2022, 4pm
Oxford - UK

Xiaolu gives the annual Dahrendorf lecture, St Antony's College, Oxford University
24 April 2022
Venice Biennale, Italy
Xiaolu talks at the Cosmocafe, Venice Biennale, Italy
30 March 2022, 4pm
Oxford - UK
Xiaolu talks to Angus Philips, Oxford Literature Festival, Weston Lecture Theatre, Oxford

5 Feb 2022
Reid Hall, 75006 Paris

Xiaolu’s poetry performance with Ana Lee and Marc Marder, Reid Hall, 75006 Paris

9 Dec 2021
7 pm, Paris


Between Words & Worlds with Xiaolu Guo
Xiaolu Guo will discuss her most recent novel, A Lover's Discourse,
with Professor Carol Gluck 

Reid Hall | ?4, rue de Chevreuse, ?75006 Paris
Free and open to the public (pass sanitaire required)

12 Nov 2021
11am GMT
Hong Kong Literature Festival, Xiaolu talks to Damon Galgut, online event
10th Nov 2021, 6:30pm
New York
Translation and the visual arts:
Guo introduces her film FIVE MEN AND A CARAVAGGIO at CUNY Graduate Center, New York
October 2021 New edition of '20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth', published by Vintage Heroines
25 Sep 2021
Literature in Exile, Xiaolu Guo and Edmund de Waal
Purcell Room, South Bank Center



12 Jan 2021 Guo lectures at the NTU Center for Contemporary Art Singapore
Part of 
Trinh T. Minh-ha Film Series - Online event
3 Dec 2020, 7pm,

The Antibody Reading Series - Guo reads from her new novel – A LOVER’S DISCOURSE
Grove 2020
25 Nov 2020, 7pm London Review Bookshop, Xiaolu Guo on Angela Schanelec’s Passing Summer (2011),
In Conversation with Gareth Evans - Online event
19 Nov 2020, 7PM EST, Penguin Bookshop, Virtual Book Club, Xiaolu on A LOVER’S DISCOURSE

21 Oct, 2020, 7pm

Transnational Literature Series: Xiaolu Guo on A LOVER’S DISCOURSE 
with John Freeman at Bookline, New York
online event.

20 Oct 2020, 5pm
New York City

In conversation with Esther Allen on Guo’s novel A LOVER’S DISCOURSE

15 Oct, 2020, 5pm
New York City
Xiaolu Guo Film Series (part 1) at Baruch, Conversation with Prof Patricia White
September 2020 US launch of Xiaolu Guo’s new novel: A Lover’s Discourse, Grove Atlantic
25 September 2020
New York
Xiaolu gives a talk at the Translation Conference, CUNY Graduate Center + Cullman Center NYPL, New York

22 August 2020
Edinburgh Book Festival

Reading and Q&A on "A Lover's Discourse"
8 June 2020
Xiaolu on A Lover’s Discourse
Borris House Festival of Writing & Ideas, Ireland 
June 2020 Xiaolu’s new novel Launch 
A Lover’s Discourse, Chatto & Windus, UK

23 May 2020, 2:30 pm
Hay on Wye Festival

Public presentation of Xiaolu's new novel "A Lover's Discourse"
4th Feb 2020, 6pm
New York
A conversation with Xiaolu Guo
Maison Francaise, Columbia University, New York, 4th Feb 2020, 6pm

11 December 2019,
Vancouver, Canada 

Double bill screening: Five Men and A Caravaggio & We Went to Wonderland,
 Cinematheque Vancouver, Canada 

19 July 2019
Royal Albert Hall, London

BBC Proms opening
Long Is the Journey - Short Is the Memory” (orchestra and choir)
composed by 
Zosha S. Di Castri, lyrics by Xiaolu Guo
26 May 2019
Whitechapel Gallery London

Xiaolu Guo Retrospective, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2:45 pm - Intro + How Is Your Fish Today?
4:30 pm - Late at Night, Voices of ordinary madness

25 May 2019
Whitechapel Gallery London

1:30 pm - The Concrete Revolution + Once Upon a Time Proletarian
4:10 pm - UFO in Her Eyes

24 May 2019, 6pm
Tate Britain, London
Salon session - Xiaolu speaks on Van Gogh in Britain
23 May 2019, 7pm
UFO In Her Eyes , screening & Q&A
American Library, Paris, France
14 May 2019, 7 pm
Xiaolu Guo in conversation with Sebastian Veg on Grassroots movement in China
Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris
12 May 2019
Whitechapel Gallery London

1 pm - Far and Near + She a Chinese
3:40 pm - Address Unknown + An Archaeologist's Sunday +-We Went to Wonderland

9 May 2019, 7 pm
Whitechapel Gallery London

Xiaolu Guo Retrospective, Whitechapel Gallery, London

7 pm - Opening -
Five Men and a Caravaggio + Q&A

27 April 2019
Rennes, France
Screening Five Men and A Caravaggio
Institut Confucius de Bretagne, Rennes, France
6 April 2019
Rennes, France
Screening We Went to Wonderland
Institut Confucius de Bretagne, Rennes, France