We had Chinese style fried shrimp that is the highlight of the day you know I am so worried we are going to run out of ideas how to spend a Sunday every weekend we fail this morning we already went to the market and we already went shopping and I already bought useless things toilet paper and sanitary towels and black pepper and we already got bored and we lie on the bed half dead half nervous you know I am bored of this life it's been so long we still love each other and actually we've only been together for two months people say three months is the real test that's how long the stupid passion lasts we reached the second month we still have another one to go I hope we still love each other oh I don’t know what love is so let’s cook something again cook something for dinner although we just had lunch people don’t do dinner right after lunch on Sundays especially after the fried shrimps at eleven thirty but I need to do something in the kitchen rather than lie on the bed so I cook some chicken and I put more ginger and garlic I think spices are good for England and good for our mood meanwhile I pray for the night to come soon and for tomorrow to come soon and as long as we can manage to survive until monday everything will be fine and on monday morning we will have no time to think about the purity of love and the blindness of love and the sorrow of love and the boredom of love and the fear of love we will survive and god save us god save the cowards god save the ones who are in doubt


Xiaolu Guo - London - June 13 2005





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