“Do you want to come to the party, darling?”
you give me your hand

I find my heart shaped necklace
I wear my red flowed skirt
I walk towards the bonfire

Standing beside you
I drink a half glass of wine
You are so charming
You are so chatty
Everybody loves you
You are everyone’s sweetheart
Let me be one of your listeners
Let me be member of your audience
I am shivering
I have another half glass of wine

How are you nice to see you where are you from it’s a nice party isn’t
I like your dress thank you I like your earrings too thank you are welcome

I feel bored
I start to dance
Dance on my own
I hear strange music
I never understand the lyrics
A man comes and dances with me
Then another man, then a third man
Then a fourth
In the end they are 8 handsome men
If I still remember how to count

Sugar melts by the fire
Cheese melts in the bread
Your lips melt on some cheeks
I am dancing with beautiful strangers
Without looking at their lonely eyes


XIAOLU GUO August 12, 2003





  © 2004 - 2006 Xiaolu Guo