'This lucid and undeceived account of a winter of the soul, at the end of a strange land, contemplating distant and present wars, carries glinting particulars of witness only available to the outsider, the one chosen to expose our eccentricities and teach us what we should already know.'

Iain Sinclair


'With the eye of a filmmaker and the soul of a poet, Xiaolu transforms every experience into something thrilling and unique. It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully and imaginatively she organises the world around her, the collisions between cultures, between the inner life and outer, into her own philosophical quest. One of the most alchemical writers of our time.'

Chloe Aridjis


'Every time Xiaolu Guo publishes a new book I devour it immediately, and MY BATTLE OF HASTINGS was no exception. This is urgent, compelling, but also delightful writing, a book about war unlike any you'll ever read. Guo writes with a lightness of touch that belies the seriousness of her subject.'

Lauren Elkin


'A beautiful, witty meditation on cultural cross-pollination on the English coast, and the meaning of home and history for a wandering artist.'

Alice Albinia






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