A film weaves together a history of human explorations of mining landscapes and personal memories of people who have lived in the surrounding valleys. We follow the filmmaker Xiaolu Guo travelling to a marble quarry and interviewing workers; we enter a sculptural park to encounter artists from Peru and India, and we listen to the stories from the locals about their lives in the mountains. Shot splendidly in the Ticino region in Switzerland, this documentary essay mixes archives and performance, the sacred and profane, poetry and realism, and leads us to reflect on the relationship between the deep time of rocks and an anthropocentric world. Indeed, rocks never forget.



23mins, black & white
English w subtitles

Written & Directed by Xiaolu Guo, 2022

Produced by
RSI Switzerland and Vanni Bianconi
in association with
Locarno Film Festival 2022







© Guo Xiaolu