2003 22mins DIGIBETA 16:9 letterbox 2 track stereo
English and Mandarin with English subtitles

Director : Xiaolu Guo
Producer/sound : Simon Chambers
Cinematographer : Zillah Bowes
Editor : Ida Bregninge
Composer : Matt Scott



Leaving her country for the first time, a young Chinese writer wanders on a wild mountain in Wales. Through the beautiful and empty landscape and the people she meets she enters a dreamlike world where memories of life in rapidly developing Beijing, and a childhood in a poor fishing village return to her. She contemplates loneliness and is unexpectedly haunted by stories of tragic death.


ICA Beck’s Futures 2003 Prize, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003, Asian American Film Festival 2004, Channel 4 UK, International Women Film festival, Cologne 2004, The Other Cinema, London




  © 2004 - 2006 Xiaolu Guo