A short film by Xiaolu Guo

China 2006, 11 mins



From a Beijing apartment, a woman is writing postcards to a man in London.

We don’t see the woman or the man, there's only the camera contemplating Beiji
ng in a melancholy eye. Each postcard is a long static shot.

The woman’s voice tells her loneliness in a rapidly changing China: highways, labour workers, meat market, people in the street…

All the postcards return - address unknown. Her lover seems to have disappeared from the other side of the world.

On a rainy night, she cancels her return flight to Europe.



China 2006

11 mins, digibeta 16:9, colour, stereo

spoken English

Written, filmed, directed and produced by Xiaolu Guo

© Xiaolu Guo Productions 2006





  © 2004 - 2006 Xiaolu Guo