A short film by Xiaolu Guo

China/Italy 2008, 8 mins



Sunday afternoon. Romans are resting under the sun, kids are playing football.
Roberto, an archaeologist, is working in a dark cave beneath the park.

He is passionate about finding the past and history, his Chinese girlfriend Zhuwen worries about the future and daily life.

She argues with him, “Does your past save your future ?”



Written and directed by Guo Xiaolu
Co-writer: Francesco Ferracin
Produced by Guo Xiaolu & Francesco Delogu
Cinematography: Paolo Scarfò
Edit, sound design & music : Philippe Ciompi

Roberto: Francesco Ferracin
Zhuwen: Guo Xiaolu
Mother: Sun Jin
Father: Li Rong Wen

English and Chinese w. English subtitles.

China / Italy 2008

© Perspective Films / Xiaolu Guo Productions







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